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The Always Growing 
Spirit On Tap
Freebie Library 

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Want all the best free content to help you learn about all things Auras & Aura Colors, Raising Your Vibe, and getting Spirit on tap?  

Well then, welcome to your Freebie Library!

When I started my Spiritual Work, I created a number of resources for my clients and mentees to further their Aura awareness and aid in their own Spiritual journey.  My passion for helping others comes through when I am designing a free Aura quiz to help you raise your Aura's vibe, a cord cutting meditation to help you create stronger boundaries around your Auric field, or a printable cheatsheet with my favorite Aura Affirmations to help you get into alignment energetically and set you up for success! 


Now you can access this wealth of resources just by requesting the password at the bottom of this page.


Inside the Freebie Library

You Will Find:

Guided Meditations

Downloadable Graphics





Aura Activities

Plus so much more!

The greatest part?  The Library is regularly being added to & updated!

Make sure to come back often to see what I surprise you with next!


Join 2,000+ Subscribers &

Access Mindset Shifting Content

That Will Help You:

Heal your Aura based on your specific Color(s)

Embody more attractive energy 

Come into alignment with your truest desires

Strengthen your Aura's energetic boundaries

Relax your anxious thoughts & receive clarity

And so much more!

Are You Ready To Be Tapped In?!

This Freebie Library, and all its life changing content, is now instantly accessible in ONE single unified space. You'll just need to request your personal password below and I will email you with the loogin details for immediate access to all the Freebie content offered now and in the future! 

It’s time to unleash your magnetic Aura, throw away your limiting beliefs, and reach your energetic potential. You're ready.

What's Your Aura Vibe? 
Take The Quiz To Find Out! 

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